Learn how to get the most value out of the items your selling

We know being a parent isn't easy and your family is busy. That's why we've designed Me 'n Mommy To Be for busy parents on the go who want to make fast cash for the items they no longer need or want. To make the selling process fast and smooth for every customer here is a quick look at how it works. Following these helpful hints will ensure the process is quick, smooth and you make the most money possible for the items you are selling:

  • ​We buy kids and maternity items daily. However, each store has a final check-in time for the day. Please visit our Find A Store page to determine the final check-in time for the store you are going to visit. 
  • We do not purchase items on any holidays. 
  • Please bring your ID with you to sell items, it is required.
  • Due to the extremely large number of customers that utilize our stores on a daily basis we do require that customers remain in-store with their items while our buyers process them for you on the spot, so please allow time in your schedule for this. Don't worry though our buyers are very efficient and will process your items for you quickly. Space limitations and customer volume prevent us from storing your items for you should you leave during processing with the following exception: If your items are brought in a 25 gallon or less plastic tote with a lid. You are then able to drop and run and do not have to wait for them to be processed. 
  • Brands, cleanliness, wear and age of products all effect the value of items. The spiffier they are, the more they're worth. 
  • Me 'n Mommy To Be is a quality kids & maternity resale store. Prior to bringing any items in to sell be sure to sort and inspect your items at home. Remove any items that are broken, missing pieces, don't work, stained, holes, tears, rips, excessively worn or any other obvious reason your item(s) would be unable to be resold in a store.   

Guidelines for selling clothing: 

  • Clothing items need to be in next to new condition, freshly laundered, wrinkle free and neatly folded in your tote, box, or bag. We strongly prefer all clothing items to be brought in a box or plastic tote so clothing can be folded flat and wrinkle free. We accept one container of clothing per customer, per day limited to no larger then a 25 gallon plastic tote or 13 gallon bag. Be sure to sort your items at home to ensure they are free of stains, holes, unpleasant odors and excessive wear and only bring us your best items, because that's what were buying. No limit on the amount of equipment or toys you may bring in at any given time.     
  • In effort to keep our store trendy with current styles, we ask that clothing items be purchased new within the last three years. For infant apparel preemie - 12 months we prefer outfits in sets and better brand names.  
  • When preparing outfits with multiple pieces, please fold all pieces together. Please refrain from using safety pins, rubber bands and tape to keep outfits together.
  • Our stores will typically pass on discount brands such as Garanimals, Gerber, Child of Mine, Just One You and other similar brands.  
  • We love to purchase brands such as Nike, Oshkosh, Carter's, 7 For All Man Kind, Under Armour and other similar to higher end brands. 


Guidelines for selling furniture toys and equipment: 

  • All toys and equipment must meet current CPSC standards.
  • Toys, games and puzzles must have all their original pieces. 
  • Items must be in good, clean condition and in working order (batteries and/or charging cords included)​
  • All furniture, equipment, toys etc. must be fully assembled before a buyer can prepare an offer. Me 'n Mommy To Be staff does not assemble your products for you to provide you with an offer to buy them. (Exception: Brand new items in the factory sealed box do not need to be assembled. Please leave those items in the original factory sealed box when bringing in).
  • Some pieces of furniture take up a lot of floor space. If you're wanting to sell larger furniture to us it is recommended that you call prior to coming and speak with a buyer to ensure we can take on your furniture at that time. 
  • We do purchase very large items as well like outdoor playhouses, swing sets and more. Please speak with a buyer prior to bringing those items into a store to assure we have the floor space to sell such an item at that time. 
  • We do not purchase items with any missing parts or pieces.  


Guidelines For Selling Footwear/Shoes

Footwear needs to be:

  • New or next to new condition 
  • Scuff, stain, and odor free 
  • Shoes that tie must have their laces
  • Unless the shoes are new, boxes are not necessary 
  • We love higher end shoes brands as well

We are unable to accept the following items at any time:

  • Bedding Sets
  • Opened breast pumps (we will accept new breast pumps in the factory sealed box)
  • Plush toys
  • VHS tapes, CD's and DVD's
  • Single Onesies
  • Car Seat Bases
  • Fisher Price Cradle Swings
  • Items with excessive use, wear or fading
  • Items deemed too old in age, style or popularity 
  • Items with garage sale / consignment sale sticker or tags 
  • Items that have been personalized in any way

Remember you are wanting to sell your items for cash. Items need to be ready for resale when you bring them into our buyers. All the above affect the value of an item. The better the brands and the better the condition your items are in the more value they hold and the more money we can pay you for them.