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Selling Your Kids & Maternity Items To Us

When do you buy items?

How do I find out what season clothing you are now buying?

Do I need an appointment?

Are there certain brands you buy and don't buy?

What type of item do you buy?

Everytime I visit I see so many different items. How do you buy such a large volume of items all the time?

You didn't buy some of my items I brought in, why?

Online Shopping

Are all of your products sold in-stores also sold online?

Are the products sold on your website new or pre-loved?

If I purchase online can I pickup in-store for free?

How long does it take to have my purchase shipped?

How do I know when my order has shipped?

Can I use my rewards online?

Shopping In-store

What kind of products does your stores carry?

I'm wondering if you have a certain product?

What make Me 'n Mommy To Be different then other resale / consignment stores, online market places, apps or consignment sales

Parent Rewards

Do you have a rewards program?

How do I earn rewards?

What do I get with the points?

Give $10, Get $10 for every new customer you refer

I'm convinced, how do I sign up for FREE rewards

How do I tell when I have rewards?

Do my reward points expire?